Physical Intelligence Assessment 

7MINDS Program

Each of our program areas provides choices of various levels of instruction starting from introductory levels to intensive coaching courses

About PI

Our 'Introduction to Physical Intelligence' course explains the basic principles of PI and how it can be accessed.


Physical Intelligence ASSESSMENT


This assessment will help you learn more about how you – and others – view your critical skills and leadership behaviors. 

Through the PI-Assessment you will get key insights on both personal limitations that prevent you from achieving your goals and how to develop or enhance critical skill sets. 

The assessment process includes a live one-hour interview conducted by a coach in which key areas of focus are identified. Based on the findings we  design a custom program tailored to your specific needs.

Introduction to Physical Intelligence Course 

Your Physical Intelligence is the intersection between your mental state and physical well-being. It encompasses all of our mental processes, which exist at a level below our cognitive mind. Not always understandable, its mental patterns have tremendous influence over every aspect of our body and mind. It penetrates the “intelligence” we use every day to work, make decisions, interact, understand and create.

Accessing your Physical Intelligence will allow you to live a life of clarity and control so you can experience the joy of connecting to who you truly are. Learn about the power of your Physical Intelligence and how you can start the process of making long-lasting changes that will propel you towards your goals.

After taking this course you will be able to

– Understand the power of your Physical Intelligence
– Learn how to accessing and start shaping your Physical Intelligence
– Have a clear game plan on how you can enhance critical skill sets you need to achieve your goals

Course offered online or in person. Contact us to arrange a live course for your team.



In the  7MINDS PROGRAM we focus on developing specific skill sets leveraging Physical Intelligence

7MINDS Program
The 7MINDS program consists of seven distinct modules. Each module is designed to shape and enhance specific qualities of States of Mind to build a foundation for personal skill development.

Each of the 7MINDS program modules are designed to accomplish two things:

•  Stimulate and develop the most effective State of Mind to
    promote the development of natural skills and traits.
•  Shape related mental patterns that influence and control
    aspects of our quality of thought, emotional and physical


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