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Updated: Jan 19

With the demands of modern life weighing on us, it is critical that we start protecting our health from the impact of stress and learn how to effectively manage ourselves to achieve well-being. Not only can we enhance our ability to manage stress and personal well-being to effectively counteract the effects of our modern lifestyle. But the benefits are far greater. It starts with learning how to manage our minds - train the mind to remain present and not sink into negative thoughts and rumination. Getting in touch with our Physical Intelligence gives us an opportunity to get to know how our mind works and train it to help us achieve peace, calm and relaxation. What we strive for is to experience calm whenever we choose and control the stream of thoughts.

it doesn't stop here - getting in touch with our Physical Intelligence allows us to get in touch with our Emotional Intelligence (EI) as well. We get a chance to enhance our EI to better understand others and learn how to detach from the impact of our emotions of our thinking. Once we achieve this level of control of our mind we have the potential to change the patterns that limit our intelligence, our mental and emotional disposition, the success of our actions and the outcomes we seek.

About the Author

Dr. Martina Wagner is the cofounder of ArtesHumanis – a boutique executive development firm that helps individuals and companies—from start-ups to the Fortune 100 companies—succeed by enhancing performance and improving effectiveness of their leaders and teams.

To find out how you can tap into your Physical Intelligence to take active control of your mind, change limiting patterns, manage stress and enhance your wellbeing check out "An Introduction to Physical Intelligence" available on Amazon


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