How to overcome self-sabotaging behavior

Do your efforts to succeed regularly get derailed? Is following through on your plans a big challenge that you can’t master? Do you do stupid or impulsive things when you know better? Do your relationships start promising, but often go nowhere?

If any of these descriptions ring true for you, you may be guilty of self-sabotage. If you’re disciplined enough to work hard at accomplishing a goal, yet routinely do something rash or imprudent to undermine it, you might be unconsciously “planning” your failures to make sure you won’t succeed. Read more #selfsabotage, #selfconfidence, #patterns, #relationships, #PhysicalIntelligence

About the Author Dr. Martina Wagner is the cofounder of ArtesHumanis – a boutique executive development firm that helps individuals and companies—from start-ups to the Fortune 100 companies—succeed by enhancing performance and improving effectiveness of their leaders and teams.

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