First Responder alarm

Updated: Jan 19

Modern levels of stress have increased tremendously - there don't seem to be enough hours in the day to manage workloads, spend time with spouses and be a loving parent.

Our body is the first responder

Did you notice that before you notice something on an intellectual or emotional level your body has already responded? If you touch a hot plate you will pull away your hand before you have even realized that the plate is hot.

Stressors in our life have the same effect - noise, being overwhelmed with work to meet a deadline, conflict situations make our bodies respond with chemical reactions and nervous stimulation. If we don't manage our stressors our bodies continue to go through stress responses over and over again. Meanwhile our minds are so busy with absorbing information, thinking through responses, plans, to do lists that we totally forget where our bodies are at. We have gotten used to be in a state of stress arousal and what is dangerous - we have gotten used to it and consider it 'normal'. For our bodies this state is not normal, it stays in a state of constant 'battle'. Over time the stress reactions lead to chronic consequences.

The only way to get control over our stress levels and impact on our physiology is to start becoming aware when stressors attack and start managing our response. Tapping into our Physical Intelligence allows us to develop a deeper sense of self-awareness. Through getting in touch with our center we gain a deeper, different appreciation and awareness of our body which helps us become aware of the impact of stressors. Once aware we have the possibility to react and start relaxing our body, counteracting the stress response.

About the Author

Dr. Martina Wagner is the cofounder of ArtesHumanis – a boutique executive development firm that helps individuals and companies—from start-ups to the Fortune 100 companies—succeed by enhancing performance and improving effectiveness of their leaders and teams.

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