It is surprising to most people that our cognitive ideas, thoughts and even emotions are shaped by aspects outside our conscious mind. Our cognitive (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EI), which our society deems so important, are not the only vital ingredients that influence our thinking, drive our decisions and actions and ultimately shape us who we are. Our intelligence, the source of thoughts and great works of art, come about not only from good ideas, but also from many other less tangible aspects of the mind and human spirit. 
Our ideas, thoughts, emotions and physical states are embedded in a vast landscape of noncognitive aspects that have a deep influence on them. This network of patterns harbors our most fundamental intelligence, Physical Intelligence. 
Your Physical Intelligence (PI) is the intersection between your mental state and physical well-being. It is shaped by the imprints of your experiences and genetic heritance. It penetrates your cognition and emotional intelligence and thus deeply affects your thinking, decisions and direction of your life.
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