Transformative Experiences through Physical Intelligence: Change that evolves authentically from the inside out.



Tapping into our Physical Intelligence deep, significant changes can be achieved that can be life altering.

Skill Development

ArtesHumanis offers a novel approach to  allow individuals to tap into their Physical Intelligence to achieve lasting changes in quality of thinking, non-cognitive skills such as creativity, resilience and motivation. 

The change process is driven through a combination of analytical and experiential work designed to tap into the non-cognitive domain of the Self.

Our approach aims at instructing the art of personal mastery and growth  developing capabilities that stick. 

Overcome Limitations



Our Physical Intelligence harbors experiences we have gone through in our lives. Through our methodology participants learn to  access limiting patterns and traumatic memories and dissolve them. 


They get to establish new and effective patterns that help achieve productive goals and a new direction in life.

Personal Growth


Our Physical Intelligence is shaped by the physical properties of our mind and body.


Profound personal change can be achieved through novel tools that foster development of non-cognitive skills and competencies such as creativity, a growth mind-set and leadership agility.

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