Dr Martina Wagner

Dr. Martina Wagner, co-founder of ArtesHumanis, is a Molecular Biologist with 25 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry holding various executive positions. After getting a PhD in Biochemistry from JW Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany,  she explored neuroscience, plasticity and psychology to understand the alterations the mind undergoes through introspective techniques.

Martina studied with Daniel over the last 20 years to become an expert at SelfMastery and the unique approach to access and mold non-cognitive aspects of the mind. Leveraging her experience in business she expanded the application of Physical Intelligence to work environments creating the 7MINDS Program framework designed to develop skills and competencies for effective management and leadership. Her special interests are using Physical Intelligence to develop agile leadership competencies and personal mastery. 

ArtesHumanis is a boutique executive development firm that helps individuals and companies—from start-ups to the Fortune 100 companies—succeed by enhancing performance and improving effectiveness of their leaders and teams. 

The fundamental concept of ArtesHumanis programs is based on the Physical Intelligence paradigm: A pragmatic, results-driven approach to make directed change at non-cognitive levels of the mind which determine quality of thought, action and outcomes, therefore determining the quality and direction of our lives.


Our Mission is to introduce the powerful concept of Physical Intelligence to individuals and organizations around the globe to facilitate deep personal change and growth, wellness and discovery of life's most precious aspects.


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