Join our team and teach importance and power of Physical Intelligence!


The ArtesHumanis Teacher Training is a 10-month program for individuals at the intersection of Physical Intelligence and business. 

In our program, you’ll learn how to co-teach the world-renowned ArtesHumanis training from some of our most experienced teachers. 

You’ll develop expertise in moving and stationary introspective techniques, physical and emotional intelligence and neuroscience, and contribute to ArtesHumanis mission of enabling discovery of our real selves to unravel and celebrate our potential.

ArtesHumanis Teacher Training identifies and develops exceptional teachers who are deeply in touch with their Physical  Intelligence, skilled presenters, and who have business experience to be able to co-teach in workplaces and around the world. 

As a participant in our program, you will learn: 

Finding your center

At ArtesHumanis we believe that we are performing at our best if we are connected to our center, our source of strength, balance, creativity and wellness. In our program you'll learn how to get to find your center to be able to help students achieve the same. The program includes time to practice and deepen your understanding of your Physical Intelligence and explore how you show up as a teacher.

Content Mastery

Our training is a unique blend of Physical Intelligence techniques, emotional intelligence and neuroscience that is supported by scientific innovations and data. You will learn the ArtesHumanis program content thoroughly, fully understand the science behind it and acquire a depth of knowledge  to be able to elaborate on the material to meet different audiences and needs.

Presenting & Facilitation

Teaching and facilitating our 7MINDS Programs requires in-depth work with participants enabling them to embark on their journey of discovery. 

Learn and practice teaching skills unique to our online and in-person programs while gaining insight into how to best leverage and integrate your unique talent. 


ArtesHumanis Teacher Training is an incredible opportunity to build lifelong relationships with other deep and committed Physical Intelligence practitioners transforming the lives of thousands every year. Graduates who pass certification will also be invited to become active members of the ArtesHumanis Certified Teacher community to share best practices and more.

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