Leadership development solutions need to be as unique and flexible as the organizations and leaders they serve.

ArtesHumanis designs and delivers customized programs based on Physical Intelligence to develop agile leaders 


Skill Development


Trainings and 

Leadership Development
The goal of our Transformative Leadership Development System is to create leadership talent where and when needed to support a company’s ambitions. Participants can look forward to highly interactive programs, where they experience exercises simulating realistic leadership tasks, tailored based on your company’s culture, values, challenges.

ArtesHumanis Leadership Development System is based on a novel approach that allows leaders to tap into their Physical Intelligence to promote lasting changes in quality of thinking and behaviors. The change process is supported by an analytical framework designed to foster personal mastery and capabilities that promote leadership excellence, personal motivation and satisfaction.

The approach encompasses both cognitive and noncognitive methods to support the process of personal growth and building of new leadership capabilities that ‘stick’. 
The capability building framework is modeled after McKinsey’s six sets of interventions to allow the leaders develop a full sense of their own leadership capabilities, identify areas of growth and guide them through the process of developing new competencies. It includes classroom work focused on acquiring leadership skills and fieldwork put these skills into practice supported by experienced coaches. The leader’s personal development journey is complemented by activities designed to learn core aspects of leadership - leading oneself, others, and businesses. 
Competencies and Skill Development
The most efficient way to develop new competencies is to enable change of associated mental patterns at a non-cognitive level. 
Our approach encompasses developing new competencies at both cognitive and noncognitive level to  ensure they become natural ways of thinking and behavior -  of new capabilities that ‘stick’. 
The 7MINDS Programs focus on the key competencies effective and agile leaders need to thrive in a changing global environment.
Executive Coaching with Physical Intelligence
Getting in touch with our Physical Intelligence is a new experience for many and therefore requires guidance and coaching. 
To help leaders effectively build new competencies 
and apply them in current business scenarios we support the change process with guidance and coaching. This way we ensure new skills can be implemented right away and learnings are achieving the intended goals.
Trainings and Workshops 

Our trainings and workshops, both standardized and custom built, use an experiential learning approach to teach and build skills for leaders in your organization. Participants are guided through learning modules, have the opportunity to practice, and are supported by our facilitators.

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